Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kristin and I’ve been designing great things for over 15 years.
I am a West Town native and currently reside in the neighborhood. I love design — everything about
it and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. My aesthetic is simple and clean and I have a
ridiculously strong work ethic. I meet deadlines and push my skills to ensure every project is done well.


You will find my work in the A-Z Guide to Visual Lingo, Logo Lounge – 2000 Great Identities from
Leading Designers and Letterhead and Logo Design 8 as well as Best of Business Card Design 6,
1000 Graphic Elements: Unique Details For Distinctive Designs, Logo Lounge 2 and Logo Lounge 3.


Due to NDAs and various confidentiality, there is work that I cannot post online.
I would be more than happy to accommodate any request for additional samples.


When I am not designing, my passions include hanging with my two rescue pups Abby and Wally,
sampling various food outlets, baseball (White Sox), sipping bourbon, spending ridiculous amounts
of time in Italy and NYC, and drinking delicious craft beer. I hope you enjoy your visit.